Google Search & Display Certification

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 The Power of Google Ads (Adwords)
Module 2 Getting Started with Adwords
Unit 1 Setting Up Your Google Ads Account
Unit 2 Navigating Google Ads Interface
Unit 3 Adwords Account Hierarchy
Module 3 Getting To The Top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
Unit 1 Understanding Quality Score
Unit 2 Calculating Ad Rank
Module 4 Researching Your Keywords
Unit 1 What are Keywords
Unit 2 Researching Keywords
Unit 3 Google Keyword Planner
Unit 4 Keyword Match Type
Unit 5 Finding Negative Keywords
Module 5 Creating Your First Google Ad Campaign
Unit 1 Writing Great Text Ads
Unit 2 Creating a Campaign
Unit 3 Using Ad Extensions to Create Better Ads
Unit 4 Creating Your First Display Campaign
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