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  • IFPA Resources Sdn Bhd, a fully owned subsidiary of SEG International Bhd (SEGi), was established in 2001. IFPA belongs to SEGi's Corporate Learning Division which focuses on CFP certication programme, corporate learning and e-learning facilitation.

    IFPA is committed towards assisting individuals and organisations, both public and private to realise the full potential of the individuals and the organisation's human capital via its Financial planning and corporate learning products.

    IFPA is committed approach in the CFP training has consistently produced award winning candidates. As a results of this IFPA has become the preferred name in Financial planning education.

    Who is IFPA Resources Sdn Bhd?

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  • IFPA Resources Sdn Bhd was established and managed by practicing professionals with diverse disciplines in consultancy services in accounting, taxation ,tax planning, business planning, investment planning, risk management and insurance planning, and financial planning to corporate and individual clients.

    In support of the development of the financial planning industry, spear-headed by the financial planning association of Malaysia (FPAM), IFPA responded to the challenge to provide effective education to candidates who wish to expand their professional horizons as associate financial planner of Malaysia (AFP[M]) and certified financial planner (CFP) licensees.

    IFPA, an FPAM-approved education provider, in conjunction with the financial planning association of Australia Ltd (FPA), whose program is acknowledged as the most advanced and comprehensive CFP qualification program in Asia Pacific region with over 15 years of proven track record, is well positioned to prepare working candidates in Malaysia to acquire their AFP(M) and CFP designations.

  • Financial Planning Industry
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    Financial planning is a new fast-growing industry. with the convergence of financial situation, customers are offered with more sophisticated and complex options in the financial solution buying process.

    A financial planner is entrusted to provide professional advise to help customers make smart financial decisions in achieving their goals. As a CFPCERT TM trained financial services professionals, you are able to demonstrate your competence in board-based disciplines incorporating insurance planning, risk management, tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning that serve the comprehensive and holistic needs of your client's financial health.

    Starting in July 2004, Financial planning is a regulated profession by the Securities Commission under the Security Industry Act 1983. Financial planners are required to obtain the investment advisers licence to full the practisingis now the recognised financial planning qualification.

    When you qualify as a Certied Financial Planner, you will be part of an elite membership of 90,000 worldwide that carries the coveted CFPCERT TM designation, the preferred financial planning qualification.

    Apart from the current active CFPCERT TM movement in Malaysia, other prominent countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and also China recognise the CFPCERT TM qualification.

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