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  • Adobe Illustrator Workshop for Beginner
  • Microsoft Excel (Intermediate)
  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Strategic Social Media Marketing
  • Montessori Apparatus Workshop
  • Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities
  • Essentials of Child Psychology
  • Mobile App Development
  • Game Art Bootcamp

Upcoming Trainings

Adobe Illustrator Workshop for Beginner

Want to learn how to use professional designing tools like Adobe Illustrator (Ai) but don’t know where to start? Attend this “Zero to Hero” session and master the fundamentals of Ai in ONE DAY.

Microsoft Excel (Intermediate) 

Finding it hard to work with Microsoft Excel? Learn the right short-cut keys, formatting and formulas to SIMPLYFY your job – all in ONE DAY! Never be afraid of huge data, multiple worksheets, charts and maintaining large worksheets anymore.

Google Adwords Certification

Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in this two days workshop. Participants will also receive an official certification from Google after successfully pass the module at the end of the training.

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is more than just managing Fb pages and posting insta stories. Join this training to learn how corporate giants, branding experts and digital marketing professionals does it and how you can do it too.

Montessori Apparatus Workshop

Learn from a certified Montessori apparatus instructor on how to properly integrate the Montessori method into your day to day teaching. After attending this 88-hour programme, you will be certified as a profession

Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities

Learn how to identify the various disabilities and intervention techniques to give the children the best that they deserve. This course is suitable for pre-school teachers, guardians and parents who work with children with special needs.

Essentials of Child Psychology

This course takes participants into an examination of the complex world of child psychology (targeting children from 0-6 years old). Participants will gain insights into how best to support children during their formative years.

Mobile App Development

An intensive 8 days “zero-to-hero” mobile application development boot camp. With no prior programming experience required, this boot camp is designed to introduce the concepts and technical skills required to its attendees in developing a mobile app.

Game Art Bootcamp

Join this highly practical and industry-oriented bootcamp to develop your skills to be a professional game artist. This workshop is conducted by KW Chan who is part of the team who created the famous Chinese Zombie 2.

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