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Let's Taste the Wonder of Discovery

This course aims to equip you with skills and knowledge that are increasingly in demand and relevant through modules that cover hospitality and tourism sector. It also developed to enhance your core skills, which includes communications, team work, problem solving, use of information technology, and application of numbers. These skills are essential to launch your career in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors, as well as provide a framework for life-long learning.

Grow Your Business with Social Media Strategies

Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods that will increase the business’ visibility. It has become essential for major businesses to include a social media marketing strategy. This pop-up course will share on the multiple perspectives of Social Media. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to strategize on their marketing campaign with the social media platforms, which will eventually bring customers to their brand.

Starting Up a Business

A successful entrepreneur is one who is able to adapt himself/herself in a constantly evolving market. A good planning is essential before starting up a business. As a result, this pop-up course will share with you on the key elements that you need to put into consideration before starting up a business.

Engineering Project Management

A professional engineer is one who is able to elaborate the innovation in mind into a proper project proposal and to secure the funding from stake holders. As a result, this pop-up course will share with you on the key elements that you need to prepare a professional engineering project proposal.

Partnering with Families & Community

We are often told that parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. A good understanding of parents today will allow the early childhood practitioners to work together with families to nurture the children whom parents have entrusted to their care. This is especially critical during our present Movement Control Order and also during the Post COVID 19 situation as centres need to support parents who are staying home with their children, taking on their role again as the main educators of the young in the country.

Play & Learning


This course aims to impress upon participants the fundamental role of play in children’s learning and development. Different forms of play are explored so that parents and early childhood professionals can appreciate quality play experiences and will promote these in homes and centres. Only then can play reap its multitude of benefits for the child in early childhood and beyond. Let the children play!