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    Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

    Program The CFP License


    The Financial Planning Profession

    The CFP Board of Standards, Denver, is a non-profit professional regulatory organization founded in 1985 to benefit the public by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning. Individuals who meet rigorous certification requirements are licensed by the CFP Board to use its federally registered trademarks CFP® and Certified Financial Planner®.

    Your Career As a CFP Practitioner

    Personal financial planners help individuals determine whether and how they can meet their life goals through proper management of their financial resources. In addition to the opportunity for a rewarding career, you will have the satisfaction of helping people from all walks of life resolve their financial issues and reach their financial goals.

    Financial Planning Association of Malaysia

    The Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to developing and promoting the Financial Planning industry that provides unbiased financial advice to the public. Its vision and mission is to ensure that all Malaysians have access to responsible and proper financial planning advice by raising the professional standards of the industry through education and a shared code of ethics. FPAM is the 12th member of the International CFP Council and is the licensee of the CFP Board of Standards. FPAM will oversee the development and certification process of the Certified Financial Planner and Associate Financial Planner of Malaysia.

    CFP Professional Designation

    The CFP® mark is an internationally recognized professional designation and is most highly sought after by professional financial planners globally.

    The CFP designation identifies individuals who have both the academic and professional training. CFP licensees are qualified to provide advice with regard to all aspects of financial planning and to write comprehensive financial plans that meet international standards. Financial planners who are CFP licensees are highly sought after for their advice, as the credential assures the public that CFP licensees have agreed to adhere to high standards of competence and ethical practice. The strength of the CFP designation lies in the fact that it is a broad- based qualification, independent of any one industry and, therefore, are acknowledged to be objective professionals. Individuals who wish to attain the CFP designation must meet all the 4Es of the certification requirements, namely.

    The 4E's:

    » Education

    Successful completion of an approved education program

    » Examination

    Successful completion of all FPAM required examinations

    » Experience

    A minimum of 3 years work experience in financial planning or related fields

    » Ethics

    Adherence to a professional Code of Ethics and Practice Standards as stipulated for all FPAM members

    CFP Education Program

    The CFP Education Program will enable you to:

    ☑ Learn and apply all aspects of the financial planning process

    ☑ Recognize a range of client's needs and recommend effective solutions

    ☑ Develop special expertise in insurance, investments, tax, retirement and estate plannings

    ☑ Attain the most internationally recognized professional financial planning designation

    ☑ Earn your credibility with the public Increase your productivity and efficiency

    ☑ Add to your career growth and professional experience

    Facilitators / Face to face workshop

    FPAM requires that the CFP and AFP(M) Programs be lecture-based. These lectures will seek to ensure that candidates have a clear understanding of the specific learning objectives of each assignment as well as review questions related to the learning objectives. These lectures, conducted by both academically and professionally qualified facilitators, will help prepare candidates for the examinations and ensure that they are able to apply the materials to real life situations.

    IFPA Resources has taken a step further to ensure that during this 60 hours (face to face workshops), candidates are fully prepared to attempt the examinations by going through intensive tutorials and revision.